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Alex Ward, Founder of IndustryCV

“Our aim is to see our clients succeed. Whether you are looking for a graduate role, an internship or just a career change we are confident our review service will maximise your chances of success. Investing in yourself can feel like a big step but as our testimonials demonstrate, this could just be the best investment you will ever make. Best of luck with your job applications!”

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What Previous Customers Say

The quality of the reviewer was immediately apparent. I am very pleased with the insights that were provided, as the feedback was tailored towards my specific goals. I was delighted with this personalized service and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


London, Investment Analyst Applicant

The reviewer gave me great ideas on how to improve my CV for my specific industry, and what the hiring managers will be looking for. I realised that I needed to show more specific interest and experience for my applied position. Overall, I think that using IndustryCV is a great way to improve your CV.


London, Big Tech Applicant

I know what skills to draw out of my experience to make the best impression on my employer and where I need to gain experience to make my application more appealing. I especially like the interview questions section as it shows me the qualities that I highlight and where I need to add more detail.


Leicester, Corporate Law Applicant

How It Works - It's Simple And Easy!

1. Put together your CV

The better the content you submit to us the more impactful feedback we can provide. For CV inspiration and help please see our blog.

2. Send your CV to us either via email or upload it along with payment

Along with submission fill out the boxes asking for details on the industries and roles you are applying for. The more info we have the better match we can make for your reviewer and the higher impact feedback they can provide.

Investing in yourself can often feel uncomfortable but for the chance to help get on your chosen career path this could be the best investment you will ever make. We would argue it’s a “no brainer”! 

3. Over to Us!

We will match you with an industry professional. To reassure you of their credentials we will let you know some of their key characteristics: job title, responsibilities, experience and also some information about the firm they work for.

The reviewer will insert bespoke, comprehensive and actionable comments throughout your CV. They will also include potential interview questions they would ask given the CV and any other general advice they may have.

4. And Back To You!

We aim to have all CVs returned within 5 days – if we can’t do this we will fully refund you. 

We are confident in the quality of the feedback we can provide – please see our testimonials and Trustpilot reviews to see how we are already helping our clients get the jobs they want!

We Are Confident In Finding High Quality Reviewers In Most Industries - See Some Example Reviewers Below

If  we can’t find a great reviewer for you we will refund you, no issues. We specialise in professional services including Investment Banking, Accountancy, Consultancy and Legal services but are confident of finding high quality reviewers in most industries.


  • Industry Experience

    10 years experience as a solicitor in Litigation/Dispute resolution at one of the UK's leading law firms operating in the media, technology and creative industries. Clients include high profile celebrities.

  • Hiring Experience

    Responsible for reviewing CVs submitted by potential trainee and other junior fee earners. Participated in candidate interviews.

It was great to be able to help refine the content and format of what was already a strong CV to align with the specific expectations of the legal profession

Marketing & Tech

  • Industry Experience

    Operates at management level with 8 years experience in Field Marketing Program management. Works hor a household name in Big Tech with responsibilities across the UK, Europe and Middle East.

  • Hiring Experience

    Conducts interviews, and inputs into hiring decisions for direct reports

The CV had all the right components for the chosen industry. By shifting emphasis to the right skills it should now be truly competitive within the technology field.


  • Industry Experience

    Managing Director with 35 years' industry experience. Based in London and responsible for the asset management activities of an S&P 500 company excluding the United States and Japan.

  • Hiring Experience

    Responsible for hiring all legal staff in London offices, including CV reviews, interviewing, final selection and on-boarding of successful candidates.

Some Of The The Ways Our Reviewers Can Help


Thoughts on layout, format and use of language, pertaining to your specific industry

Hard Skills

Are you adequately demonstrating the necessary hard skills which are required for the types of role you are applying for?

Soft Skills

Does your CV showcase the right soft skills desired by managers in your chosen industry?

Interview Questions

Give yourself an interview advantage by hearing what real interviewers would ask you as a candidate.


Are you framing and showcasing your experience correctly to best suit the roles you are applying for? Hear from actual hiring managers.

Overall Structure

Does your CV tell your story in the best way to convince a hiring manager that you are the best candidate? Get feedback from the managers themselves.

Irrelevant Information

Irrelevant information makes your CV noisy and might make companies think you aren't the right candidate for the role. We will highlight irrelevant information.

Additional Guidance

Any obvious guidance or holes in your CV will be highlighted by your reviewer to enable you to address any shortfalls in your CV.

Still need convincing?

We want to help you achieve your career goals – so do our industry reviewers. If we can’t find a reviewer right for you within 5 days we will refund you, no problem at all.

If you want to see more of how we can help take your CV to the next level then submit your details and we will send you examples of actionable and industry specific feedback we have provided our clients.

All the best with your applications and remember: “there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself”, Warren Buffett (Forbes).

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