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CV Advice For Big Tech – By A Manager In Big Tech

This blog was written by a manager with close to ten years experience in the marketing team of a household Big Tech name with responsibilities across the UK, Middle East and Africa.

The full suite of roles are available within big tech which all require their own specific skill sets but sometimes you just want to get a foot in to the fast paced, fun environment which Big Tech can offer.

Alongside the specific role-based skills which you will need to adequately cover, these are some points worth considering to get you ahead of the competition. 

Relevant experience isn’t necessarily king

We are looking for transferable skills:

  • collaboration
  • thinking fast
  • reacting under pressure
  • working with integrity
  • adapting to an ever-changing environment

These can be demonstrated by experience outside of the tech industry. Just think how to creatively demonstrate these skills while manifesting your passion for the industry. 

Think and write simple

Nothing puts off recruiters and hiring managers more than jumbled, incomprehensible and unnecessarily long CVs. The visual style needs to guide the reader and emphasise only what’s relevant for the job. No one wants to know how many summer jobs you did back in 1996. 

Emphasise on your achievements within your previous roles

How these relate to the requirements for the position you are applying for. It always helps to separate these out from responsibilities – makes for a clear and concise articulation why you are right for the job. 

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