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3 Things I Look For When Hiring – Written By A Marketing Director

The author of this post is a director with 13 years experience working in marketing in London and Europe across both the hospitality and sports fashion industries.

I’ve worked across a broad range of roles in marketing. Specific functions and industries have varied a lot in the past few years, but there are 3 things I always look for in a new hire.

A Killer opening Paragraph

Key to success in marketing is being able to land a complex message in a concise, confident and relatable way. It’s about differentiating your product from all of the noise around it to stand out from the crowd.

When applying for a job you’re simply marketing a product. Tell me 3 things.

  1. Who you are
  2. What you’ve done
  3. Why this makes you the ideal candidate

A clear interest in the industry

Notice I’m not looking for experience in the industry but a demonstration of genuine interest. In my view broad experience in marketing demonstrates an ability to work collaboratively and adapt rapidly to change.

Tailor your academic and professional achievements to the demands of the role. Start by writing down each of the bullet points of the job description then note next to it an achievement which demonstrates the skill I’m looking for. Make sure you find a way to weave these achievements into the CV.

A clear grasp on the numbers

Whilst there is plenty of room for creativity and innovation marketing is ultimately a numbers game. Every penny spent is measured and accounted for either in short or long-term commercial returns. When you talk about your relevant experience and achievements don’t just tell me what you did and why you did it, quantify what you delivered.

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